Pop Brixton

Supported Units

Pop Brixton have 10 designated units spread across the site which are targeted at businesses in need of that little extra support.

What do we mean by extra support?

Our supported units are reserved for Lambeth based start up businesses and Lambeth based social enterprises. To establish what qualifies businesses as a start up, we ask applicants to answer a simple set of questions. These questions enable us to establish the current stage of your business in the start up realm.

If your application qualifies, we then take applications to our Steering Group who you can read a bit more about here. The Steering Group review all applications and collectively we select business to join Pop Brixton as a supported unit.

Good luck!

What units are available as 'supported' right now?

We currently have a shared supported studio space available. If you're a creative or maker looking for studio space, we currently have one half of a shared studio available ready for occupancy from June 2017. You'll be sharing a 40ft shipping container with Restoration Brixton who are experts in the restoration of wood, metal, ceramic, upholstery, carving and more.

  • Photo of Supported Units space