Pop Brixton

Laughter Yoga

Come and try Laughter yoga, meet new people and discover a fun way to release stress, feel energetic and positive, connect with others and improve your physical as well as emotional health! The class is open to all ages and levels of fitness as there is no practice of asanas (or yoga poses).

What is it?

Laughter yoga is based on the fact that fake voluntary laughter provides the same health benefits than real spontaneous laughter. During a laughter yoga session we practice laughter exercises combined with deep breathing, childlike playfulness and relaxation. There is no use of comedy or humor in laughter yoga. fake laughter, like real laughter, increases the intake of oxygen and kick starts the production of endorphines, the happy hormones while lowering the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. In laughter yoga we engage the diaphragm and prolong the length of laughter to maximize all the benefits! With childlike play, eye contact and commitment to participate and letting go of inhibitions, fake laughter soon transforms into real contagious laughter leaving you exhilarated and relaxed!