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A blossoming social enterprise that uses AI to unlock value from underutilised healthcare data

MetadataWorks are a Brixton-based social enterprise that addresses and deconstructs disused healthcare information by using artificial intelligence, also known as AI. They mine for data patterns, organise healthcare data, and refine algorithms to discover, integrate and monitor sources of information that enable clinicians and policymakers to make better decisions.

They started off their venture by working at Pop Brixton-based social enterprise Impact Brixton, which provides community membership spaces to people working on projects that aim to better Lambeth and beyond. As the social enterprise has expanded, they have found a new home within one of our container spaces. Their new space has enabled them to bring on some fantastic new team members, which has additionally encouraged growth and expansion in their work.

MetadataWorks love the community-feel of Pop Brixton, and as a blossoming social enterprise who give back to their community, we are super excited to welcome them on board.

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