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Knifeshop specialising in the finest quality Japanese Knives and kitchenware

Yokichi and his wife started their business, selling specialist Japanese knives in 2013 in London. Yokichi had been a chef for 28 years and Kataba was opened due to his enormous passion for cooking.

KATABA store is named after KATABA, the traditional Japanese single bevel blade knife. Knife making is a traditional craft in Japan and has a history spanning more than one thousand years. However as the master craftsmen who make these knives become fewer, traditional handmade knives are becoming rare and rare. KATABA’s motto is to provide knives of the most excellent cutting ability and usability at reasonable prices. Kataba believes knife is the most important tool for chefs, because it holds the key to great flavour; the sharpness of the knife has a huge effect on the taste of ingredients.

All Japanese cooking knives are known for their high quality to chefs around the world and here KATABA we would like to introduce even finer, genuine handmade knives to as many people as possible.

They are dedicated to providing excellent knives and helping you get the best out of them and offer a range of aftercare services. These include sharpening, repairing chips, handle changing and balancing.

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