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The award winning digital solution for simpler, secure and more efficient meetings.

Have you ever been stuck on the train as an important meeting is about to start? Or perhaps you’re the only one without the amended documents that will make or break your solution? Or have you left the script for the secret Star Wars film on the train?

Convene makes it easy to follow a meeting remotely, to make sure that everyone is up to date and that sensitive documents are secure.

Convene started off as a solution for our parent company’s board of directors. After creating the platform, they found that digital meeting processes were more efficient and easier. And so, Convene was born. Convene has been building up a list of clients in the UK since 2013. However, our team has only really grown in the last year. Our work style is like that of a start-up. We value our clients, we don’t have fancy titles and we all pitch in when work needs to get done.

We are a diverse team of people from the UK, the Philippines, France, Argentina, India and Sweden with various backgrounds from government to consumer electronics and media.

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