Pop Brixton

The Crazy Circus Party

Step inside our haunted circus this Halloween. Dance with the devil, ride a pink elephant, be hypnotised by psychedelic sounds and enter the Gypsy Crystal for a night of fantastical delights w/ Voodoo Love Orchestra, Op Sa! Balkan Band, Rum Buffalo, RUMPSTEPPERS & Sacha Dieu.

Immersive circus performers, aerial acrobats, roaming beasts and mystical monsters will be performing on stage and wandering the site – spreading the circus magic across the site.

Don't be scared, come and join the circus. Get your tickets now.


***Op Sa! Balkan Band***

Op Sa! Balkan Band is big, bold and brass-heavy orchestra playing their own passionate brand of Balkan music. Influenced by the roots of the Serbian Kolo and the Turkish čoček, their repertoire is an addictive blend of wild beats, gypsy flair & modern sound.

***Voodoo Love Orchestra***

Harking back to the big band sound of 1960s Latin America via the back streets of New Orleans, the infectious, maverick and irresistibly swinging street music of VOODOO LOVE ORCHESTRA will have the crowd baying for more. This is more an invasion than a performance, with a euphoric riot of musicians weaving in and out of the throng, overseen by a megaphone-wielding High Priestess invoking the spirits of celebration.

***Rum Buffalo***

Forged from the streets of London,Rum Buffalo fuse authentic old time swing with stomping hip hop rhythms. Frantic and rich melodies, the most regal of renegades, this vaudevillian troop will put on a show you will never forget


A real collision of vintage melodies with modern production. Describing their sound as “Gypsy Swing Funk & Bass, the live show is packed full of intelligent eclectic tune selection, non-stop dancing and mesmerising vocal gymnastic.