Pop Brixton

Ketch Di Dance

Kickstart your new year with our Dancehall themed fitness party!

We are bringing you two Dancehall instructors who will show you:

basic Dancehall dance steps

the hottest dancehall moves from new to old skool - from Bogle and Willie Bounce to Breadfruit and Bruk Back

how to "ketch di dance" - a freestyle session popular in Jamaica, where the instructor will do a dance move and you have to "ketch di dance" - do the same dance

What you get:

45-min - Old skool dance session

45-min - New skool dancehall session

20-min - Ketch di dance freestyle session

Details about our next big dance fitness party!

Expect pire fever, spice and everyTING NICE!

Build your confidence, have a bad n bashy time with us and book your ticket today!