Pop Brixton

I Like That

I LIKE IT LIKE THAT vol.20 commemorates our 20th party edition since our inception in June 2014 (yes we are still young :-). We are celebrating 20 parties, 32 talented djs (21 international, 11 UK), 27 beautiful performance teams and teachers, many passionate musicians and above all YOU who have been supporting us and enjoying salsa music with us.

For our anniversary we are bringing you a killer lineup of DJs: international and national maestros who have marked the salsa scene for many decades now and still spreading their unique musical touch across the world:

*** Dj Nilson Diaz, Toronto, Canada*** who initiated I LIKE IT LIKE THAT, being the first invited dj who established and persuaded us that this musical concept is a keeper and the beginning of many amazing times ahead :-) it is our honour to have him back to share his in-depth knowledge, talent and passion.

***Dj Mulato, Paris France*** a renowned Dj, great music/vinyl collector and one of the first organisers of vinyl-only parties in Europe, SAL-SOUNDS 70’s, a high-quality well-established event of awesome music and great atmosphere that cannot be missed when you are visiting Paris! He will for sure bring a unique feel and stun us with his music selection.

***Dj Julian the Duke, UK/Colombia*** what can we say!!!…we are deeply honoured and uniquely privileged to have one of the most talented and forefathers of salsa Djs in the UK to play for the first time at I LIKE IT LIKE THAT on VINYL! Although starting his career as a DJ on vinyl decades ago it has been many years since we heard his talent spinning on records, it will be a unique treat!

The dj maestros will awe us even more with a 4-hour mano-a-mano dj set -3 songs each, interchanging, instead of usual 45 minute sets by each DJ; a great buzzing concept where djs feed off each other and create a unique musical journey for dancers.

We will also feature a salsa class at the start of each party, (included in the price), by talented guest performers and teachers (artist information coming soon); a fun, informative warm up class for the party to come!

Our beloved conguero Alvaro will feature throughout and maintain the punching rhythm with his congas, bongos and campana in both parties.

Looking forward to celebrating salsa with you!