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Compliments of The House Event proposal


Compliments of The House will be hosting a Winter Warmer event in Pop Brixton on the 24th of November 2019 to raise awareness and funds for the vital work that we do. We are looking for performers for our event and would love to have you.

Who are we?

We are Compliments of The House, a registered food redistribution charity that collects fresh, surplus food and gives it out for free. With our innovative approach to tackling the ever-growing and problematic issue of food waste we are able to activate small spaces like railway arches, as we do not cook, but solely redistribute. Our nuanced model allows us to help those most in need in even the smallest and most overlooked of spaces.

We work with the most vulnerable and run on a no judgement basis. Our founder has ensured that all the managers are able to assess potential new guests when they come to us without any need of proof of income. We work closely with our guests and other services who will inform those in need in their network about our service. We believe that informal referrals best allows us to help our guests.

We nourish our guests with food, but we also nourish them through food – improving their mental and physical wellbeing and helping them into work. We currently collect from 35 businesses each night, operating Monday to Friday and serve around 65 people a night. Over a week we see around 150 different guests with that number growing weekly. Currently we redistribute a sizeable amount of Brixton’s food waste, collecting over 576kg in April 2019 alone.

We currently pilot a back to work scheme with 3 different strands for those under 35, those over 35 and the long term unemployed. We have partnered with the businesses that we collect from and once our guests have completed a 3 month placement with us whereby we will provide them with training to work in a restaurant and, accredit them with a food safety certificates and first aid training, They undergo 3 month work placements at the restaurants and if it is a good fit, go on to work for them full time. Honest burger has agreed to be our first National employer.

We do this by:
Creating safe, fun and inviting hubs that give a warm welcome to everyone
Offering volunteer opportunities so our guests can learn new skills
Arranging paid work placements with the businesses that give us food and signposting people to services that can help them.
Our Vision is: A HUNGER AND WASTE FREE BRITAIN where people are not held back because they cannot afford to eat.
Our purpose: Nourish people through food
Our founding values:
-Community love
“Together we create a community! No, scrap that… We build community love.”
We aren’t just a one-stop-shop for food and other supplies. We’re a place to be emotionally nourished and make new connections.
“We treat people with dignity and respect… always!”
For us, dignity is about having choice. Our guests can choose from a range of fresh food every day. And it’s all restaurant-quality.

“Being efficient is our thing!”
Waste not want not and all that. And when we say all, we mean clothes, bedding and toiletries as well as food. (Oh, and time and money, of course.) By cutting waste we respect the environment as well as our guests.
“Why give someone a handout when you can give them a hand up”
We operate on a hand-up not hand-out basis. We’re all about helping people to move forward in their lives by giving them access to work experience. We empower them to provide for themselves.
“We ARE fun.”
Everything we do is centred around a positive vibe. Our work isn’t a chore – we positively enjoy and love what we do. For us it’s a way of life.
“Judgement really isn’t our thing. Inclusivity is.”
Anyone may come and partake of our bounty. We don’t turn anyone away.

We are not only a charity that wishes to support those in need. We are environmentally minded and aim to educate people on sustainability through our food redistribution services and the benefits it has on the environment.
Here at Compliments of the House we are dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment as much as possible, striving towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Why do we need your help?

We may be a tiny organisation but our impact has been gigantic!
Since starting in September 2018 CoTH have increased the businesses we collect from by 35%. We have also been made our local Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer’s charity of the year. Without funds, however, we cannot continue to support those that need us.

The Event

Compliments of the House; has partnered up with Pop Brixton to hold an event called: Compliments of The House Winter Warmer on November 24th to raise awareness and funds for our charity.

Unfortunately we are not funded at all but feed an average of 65 people a night so the work we do is really crucial to the people that we support. It will be a family friendly event and we will have a Santa’s grotto for the day so it would be really amazing if we were able to truly decorate a space for our grotto.

We will happily promote your lending/donating of any decorations to us across our social media platform and will also include your logo on our press backdrop where a number of influencers will be taking pictures.

As a Brixton based charity, we focus on tackling the issue of homelessness in SW London but specifically making sure that nobody goes hungry. We already work with a number of international companies and many food chains in Brixton generously donate their surplus supplies in order to tackle waste and hunger.

Our Winter Warmer will be an all day event that includes vintage clothing stores, crafts stands, food, glitter bars, Dj’s, music and discussion panels throughout the day in order to educate and inform. Ultimately we aim to bring together a wider London community through a varied guestlist of locals, artists, creatives and press to ensure an Instagrammable haven of which we would love you to be a part. Essentially, having a great time for a wonderful cause.

What you will gain...

There is going to be an infectious buzz around the event and we want you to be a part of that. We will promote your involvement across all of our social media platforms and will mention your involvement in our press release.

Acts confirmed