Pop Brixton

Black Estate Wine Tasting

Imagine three glorious, organic hillside Vineyards on clay and limestone soils producing exquisite biodynamic wine .... now imagine hearing about the vineyards back story and tasting the wine for free.

You guessed it, your dreams can come true this June 27th when we host the Black Estate Wine Tasting with the winemaker Nicholas and wife Penelope.

This winery is known for producing organic estate-grown fruit, having no additives or fining, and having their wines reflect the beauty of the area they were grown in.

Come one, come all, but make sure you come on time for 6.00pm because no doubt spaces will be limited. Discounts for on-the-night purchases apply as always. Can't wait for you to love Black Estate as much as we do!

Tasting will be in NZ Wine Cellar's unit.