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We're Raising the Roof!

It's that time folks, the evening's are drawing in, there's a chill in the air, the coats are making appearances (we've even seen a few scarves), meaning one thing... we're getting ready to take on autumn and winter and raising our roof!!!

In true Pop Brixton style, we're having a makeover. As you know, we like to make the site appealing on the eye (we're going to miss you, Around the World theme), accessible, interesting, and a space that's open to everyone to treat as their own. So fear not, we've been working tirelessly behind the scenes to curate a new winter theme that we think you'll just love. In order to do this, we'll be closed from Monday 15th October, until 4pm on October 19th, when we'll be doing our grand reveal with our infamous Raise The Roof Party!

We've sourced local designers, makers and studios to work with us to make it happen. Here's a little peek into what you can expect come 4pm on October 19th when we re-open.

From a spatial site of things, we've gone for a longhouse style. Think a warm, rustic setting with cosy seating, ambient lighting and a space that's most importantly kept in mind a sense of community by having long tables. From the visual side of things, we really wanted our neighbours in Brixton involved, so we've sourced a local agency who will hosting workshops with community organisations, schools, and groups to create paper cut motifs that we'll then use to create a flag installation that we'll be using around site.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram during the transformation for some sneak peek previews!

So don't forget, we're closed from Monday 15th October, right up until 4pm on Friday 19th October, when we're kicking off the winter season with our Raise The Roof party! Make sure you're there.

We've had an amazing summer with you guys, and we look forward to an even better winter...

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