Pop Brixton

World Cup comes to Pop

Forget piling into the local pub for the World Cup, come and kick back with us this summer.

We'll be showing all of the games from June 14th in The Greenhouse where we have our screens (yep, we're going for it with two screens) set up for all group stage matches, and some of the matches after June 30th will be shown in Pop Box. The last 16/quarters/semi and final will be shown in Pop Box too.

There'll be plenty of comfy seating and some of London’s best street food traders on hand to fuel the fun. There's no entry fee, no need to book, just rock up, grab a beer and some food and settle in.

Here's the plan for the Greenhouse...

14th June:

4pm - Russia vs Saudi Arabia

15th June:

1pm - Egypt vs Uruguay

4pm - Morocco vs Iran

7pm - Portugal vs Spain

16th June:

11am - France vs Australia

2pm - Argentina vs Iceland

5pm - Peru vs Denmark

8pm - Croatia vs Nigeria

17th June:

1pm - Costa Rica vs Serbia

4pm - Germany vs Mexico

7pm - Brazil vs Switzerland

18th June:

1pm - Sweden vs South Korea

4pm - Belgium vs Panama

7pm - Tunisia vs England

19th June:

7pm - Russia vs Egypt

20th June:

7pm - Iran vs Spain

21st June:

1pm - Denmark vs Australia

4pm - France vs Peru

7pm - Argentina vs Croatia

22nd June:

1pm - Brazil vs Costa Rica

4pm - Nigeria vs Iceland

7pm - Serbia vs Switzerland

23rd June:

1pm - Belgium vs Tunisia

4pm - South Korea vs Mexico

7pm - Germany vs Sweden

24th June:

1pm - England vs Panama

4pm - Japan vs Senegal

7pm - Poland vs Colombia

25th June

3pm - Uruguay vs Russia

7pm - Spain vs Morocco

26th June:

3pm - Denmark vs France

7pm - Nigeria vs Argentina

27th June:

3pm - Mexico vs Sweden

7pm - Serbia vs Brazil

28th June:

3pm - Senegal vs Colombia

7pm - England vs Belgium

30th June:

3pm - Round of 16: C1 vs D2

7pm - Round of 16: A1 vs B2

Here's the plan for Pop Box...

Monday 2nd July - 7pm

Tuesday 3rd July - 7pm

Tuesday 10th July - 7pm

Wednesday 11th July - 7pm

Sunday 15th July - 4pm