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Around The World: Sicily

Husband and wife team, Pietro and Stefania first met at high school together in Sicily, and knew each other for 20 years before they decided to quit their day jobs and travel, London being the final stop that they now call home.

In Sicily, Pietro worked at some of Italy's most famous restaurants, and Stefania was a chemist. They both had chef blood in their veins, going back generations before them, so it seemed natural for the duo to follow their dream and set up their trattoria here in London.

A trattoria is a simple neighbourhood restaurant, a bit like your London Transport Cafes, usually used by workers who can't get home to their own family table during the working day.

They settled in Brixton as they loved the locality of the area, and only buy their produce from local Brixton traders who supply the sardines, tomatoes, herbs and aubergines which they feature throughout their menu. They've only been in London for about 4 years, but Brixton already feels like home... though the Ragusano cheese and olive oil come from the other (warmer) island they call home!