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Around The World: Japan

Meet Yokichi. Him and his wife, Seno, started their business selling specialist Japanese knives in 2013 in London.

Yokichi had been a chef for 28 years (8 spent in Toyko) working in Italian, French and Sushi restaurants, before they moved to London in 1995. When Yokichi and Seno arrived in the UK, Yokichi worked as Head Sushi Chef for Japanese Restaurant, Tatsuso (First London Michelin Star Japanese Restaurant) and Group Executive Head Sushi Chef for ROKA as well as many other leading Japanese restaurants.

Kataba was opened due to his enormous passion for cooking and the knife being the most important tool of his work. He wanted to support chefs and improve the quality of their work, hence he set up his shop here. He also runs knife sharpening workshops which you an sign up for via the website.