Pop Brixton

Veggie / Vegan dishes at Pop Brixton

'Romaine' calm everyone, just when you thought the food here couldn't get any better, there are now even more Vegetarian and Vegan options added to the menu here at Pop. We've rounded most of them up so that you don't have to search the site for your lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

L’amuse bouche: Vegetarian

The mozza- Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil

The potagere- Spinach, egg, garlic, cheese and tomatoes

The goatie- Red onion chutney, goat cheese and spinach

All made with GF galettes

Maria Sabina: Gluten free and Vegan

Freshly made guacamole and tortilla chips

Nopal (cactus) tacos served on homemade corn tortillas

Petare: Venezuelan Chip Butty- Vegan

Fried cassava, plantain, avocado salad, 'feta' and habanero 'mayo'

Cachapas - Gluten free and Vegan

Sweet corn pancake, queso fresco

sweet corn pancake, braised pork, pickled onions, sour cream and chives


Yuca fries - V

Fried Plantain - V

SAKEYA: Gluten free and Vegan

Vegetable sushi roll (avocado, rocket, multigrain seed)

Red pepper nigiri sushi

Avocado nigiri sushi

Edamame -spicy or sea salt

Wakame seaweed salad

Green tea cookie (sugar free)


Japanese tofu katsu curry

Mama's Jerk: Vegan and Vegetarian

Jerk Veggie / Vegan Beancake Roti Wraps

Jerk Veggie / Vegan Biriyardies

Jerk Veggie / Vegan Beancake Salad

Fried plantain

Jerk spiced chips

Smoke & Salt: Vegetarian

Sourdough Bread from the old post office bakery, whipped butter

Parsnip Flatbread, burnt yeast cream, pickled garlic

New Potatoes, chimichurri, gorgonzola GF


Winter Leaf Salad, cashews, pear, artichokes GF

Cauliflower, tahini crème, romanesco, crispy capers  GF

Charred Mackerel, forced rhubarb, fennel GF

Winter Leaf Salad, cashews, pear, artichokes

Cauliflower, tahini crème, romanesco, crispy capers  

Charred Mackerel, forced rhubarb, fennel

Homegrown: Vegan

Rainbow bowl

Golden bowl

Thai Green Bowl


Halo Wrap

Falafel Wrap

Gluten free and Vegan:

Banana Bread



Smash avocado with feta

'Sausage' rolls

Koi Ramen: Vegan and Vegetarian

Miso Tofu Ramen


Made of Dough: Vegan

Vegan pizza

Vietbox: Vegan and Vegetarian

Vietnamese veggie with aubergine and fried tofu

Baba G's: Vegetarian

Veggie saag paneer burger

Alpes: Vegan

Asparagus, wild garlic, butterbean hummus served with a hazelnut pesto.

And, to wash it all down with...

New Zealand Wine Cellar: Vegan wines

A huge selection of bubbles, red and white wines.